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Cloud Email Hosting

Office 365

It is the same Office you already know and use every day. Now Office is powered by the cloud and it is known as Office365. You can get your applications and files from virtually anywhere from a PC, Mac, tablets etc. and they're always up to date. Take your business to next level with the power of office365 and its benefits. There are many online exchange and office plans available.We can help you in designing the right office subscription model that suits your business, migrate from on premises to cloud or even deploying a hybrid model where we can sync your on premises with online cloud.

Google Apps

Get enterprise-class virtualization platform for your datacenter and hybrid cloud. Strengthen IT efficiency and flexibility with faster virtualized application deployment and maintenance. Built on Hyper-V, included in Windows Server, Microsoft virtualization solutions help reduce costs by consolidating more workloads on fewer servers. Increase IT agility and flexibility across on-premises and cloud resources with Microsoft virtualization solutions.

Features and Benefits

Office 365 Features

Office 365 is powered by cloud which helps you get files and applications from virtually anywhere and it’s always up to date.

With Office 365, you can work even while you are on the go. It gives you the ability to edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on your mobile devices. So as you reach your destination, you get the updated files right on your desktop.

Office 365 is secure and compliant. The data stored in the cloud is private and can be used only by you.

Files can be securely shared with co-workers, customers and partners through Office 365. It keeps the documents current and accessible from anywhere.

It enables online conferencing amongst people at different locations, complete with screen sharing and note taking.

Create, edit and share office files from any browser with the help of Office 365.

Google Apps Feautres

Emails and calendars can be reached from anywhere and shared virtually to keep people in sync. This helps you in managing busy schedules and meeting them on time.

30GB Email Storage for each user. Sync with Outlook (POP, IMAP, SMTP). Sync with BlackBerry (access by Mobile Phone). Search and find emails instantly. Get less spam (Spam Control & Antivirus). Mail Forwarding & Aggregation.

Easily schedule appointments. Integrate with your email system (Sync with Microsoft Outlook). Add and Share multiple project calendars. Access with your mobile device. Publish calendars Online

Free Voice over IP. Audio, Video and Chat. Record & Send voicemail. File transfer

Online documents with real-time collaboration. Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation & Forms. Anytime, anywhere access to your work. Works across operating systems. Easily upload and share files. Share with simultaneous edit in real-time. Import and exposrt from / to multiple formats

Thinking about hiring a new IT guy?

Get full Helpdesk support as well as over 10 years worth of combined IT knowledge and experience for roughly the low monthly cost as a full-time IT engineer.

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Usman Raza have been working on virtualization, Server Solutions, IT Support, Email and Web Hosting services since 2003. In that time.

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